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Our Cataract Instrument Set Complete consists of the following instruments:

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1 of BR06-10913 BEAVER Blade Handle, 5"

1 of BR42-12302 CLEASBY Iris Spatula, angled tip, hexagonal handle, 3½"

1 of BR42-38902 SINSKEY Lens Manipulating Hook, angled, .2mm, 4¾"

1 of BR43-10570 NICHAMIN Double-Ended Nucleus Chopper/Spatula

2 of BR43-14901 CASTROVIEJO Suturing Forceps, 1x2 teeth, with tying platform, tip 0.12mm, wide handle, 4¼"

2 of BR43-14905 CASTROVIEJO Suturing Forceps, 1x2 teeth, with tying platform, tip 0.5mm, wide handle, 4¼"

1 of BR42-49727 Air Injection Cannula, angled 5mm from tip, 27 gauge

2 of BR43-06000 TENNANT Tying Forceps, straight

2 of BR43-06100 TENNANT Tying Forceps curved 2

2 of BR43-06207 MCPHERSON Straight Tying Forceps, 4mm tying platform, angled

1 of BR24-67114 CASTROVIEJO Needle Holder, with catch, curved, smooth, 5½"

1 of BR24-67214 CASTROVIEJO Needle Holder, without catch, straight, smooth, 5½"

1 of BR08-36111 STEVENS Tenotomy Scissor, curved, sharp, 4¼" (aka BR08-36313)

1 of BR08-36211 STEVENS Tenotomy Scissors, straight, blunt, 4¼"

1 of BR09-10211SE Sheppard-Westcott Tenotomy Scissors, sharp/sharp, 4½", 1 serrated blade

1 of BR09-14108 VANNAS Iridectomy Scissors, curved, 3¼"

1 of BR42-58307 CASTROVIEJO Caliper, 0-20mm, 3½"

2 of BR12-22112 HALSTED Mosquito Hemostatic Forceps, curved, 5"

1 of BR42-10200 LIEBERMAN Eye Speculum, solid blades

1 of BR90-10911 Bipolar forceps, 45º angled, pointed, 4¼”

1 of BR42-38911 FENZL Lens Manipulating Hook angled 0.15mm T-shaped tip

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