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EquiSpon® Absorbable Gelatin Sponge and Powder USP EquiSpon® absorbable hemostatic sponges and powder are made of Pharmaceutical Gelatin and are indicated for use to control minimal bleeding by tamponade effect, blood absorption and platelet aggregation, and adhesion prevention following ENT surgery.

  • Superior Hemostatic Capabilities
  • Controls Minimal Bleeding and Oozing
  • Degradable - No Need for Painful Traumatic Removal

Gelatin Sponges and Film USP

• Sterile

Number Description Dimensions Size Qty/Box
EQU60-20-07 EquiSpon® Sponge 60 x 20 x 7 mm 12-7 10
EQU125-80-10 EquiSpon® Sponge 125 x 80 x 10 mm 100 5
EQU125-80-01C EquiSpon® Compressed Sponge 125 x 80 x 1 mm 100 5
EQUF200-70-05 EquiSpon® Film 200 x 70 x 0.5 mm 10
EQU80-50-10 EquiSpon® Sponge 80 x 50 x 10 mm 50 10
EQU80-50-01C EquiSpon® Compressed Sponge 80 x 50 x 1 mm 50



• Sterile

Number Description Qty/Box
EQP-01 EquiSpon® Powder 4
EQP-01K EquiSpon® Hemostat Sterile Wrapped Kit, includes:
2 each 10cc Luer Loc syringes
1 16g, 1½”, Hypodermic tranfser needle
17g, 4” (15cm) flexible cannula, Luer Loc hub
1 gram gelatin powder in sterile mixing container


• Sterile

Number Description Size Qty/Box
EQU80-30-00 EquiSpon® Sponge, Fenestrated Cylinder 80 x 30 mm 5


EquiSpon® Gelatin sponges and powder provides fast and effective hemostasis and adhesion prevention following ENT surgeries in the nasal cavity. EquiSpon® is also highly effective in supporting the new graft in the outer ear canal after tympanoplasty and buttressing middle ear implants. The basis of EquiSpon® is a purified protein obtained by the partial acidic hydrolysis of collagen. Collagen has a long clinical history as an effective drug carrier and widespread usage and studies have revealed the beneficial influence of using the unique biological, biochemical and mechanical properties of collagen on the wound healing process. The EquiSpon® Alpha-Gelatin (collagen) compositon contributes directly to bone and wound healing. EquiSpon® is manufactured using the highest quality standards and sterilized by gamma irradiation. EquiSpon® is supplied as preshaped as sponges or as a powder that can be instilled as a gel in any amorphous shape. 

# 1 Safety • The FDA classified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe). • Non-allergenic pure gelatin and contains no preservatives or cholesterol. • Demonstrates minimal swelling on use and is pH neutral. • No reported reactions or interactions with drugs or food ingredients. • Delivered double packed and sterilized by gamma irradiation. • Manufactured using extremely stringent protocols.

#2 Handling and Application • EquiSpon® is easily handled and administrated. • Supplied pre-shaped, sterile, in a variety of sizes and geometries which can be cut to any desired size or form. • Positive effect on reducing of analgesics due to synergy drug effects. • Collagen can be used as a carrier of a wide spectrum of drugs: thrombin, antibiotics, chemotherapeutics. • EquiSpon powder can be easily fashioned into any amorphous shape or instilled into those hard to reach to crevices or sinuses.

# 3 Superior Hemostatic Capabilities • Absorbs 50x its own weight, stops bleeding fast! • Collagen induces the adherence and aggregation of platelets which initiate hemo-coagulation.

#4 Wound-healing • The Alpha-Gelatin (collagen) composition of EquiSpon is the main activator of bone and wound healing: Glycin (33%), Proline, 2-Leucine, 4-Leucine • The amino acid composition corresponds to human cartilage matrix.

# 5 Absorption / Resorption • Well absorbed due to its low molecular structure. • Total resorption leaves no residue or risk for encapsulation.

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