The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway System

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The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway System

  • A unique, FDA-cleared device designed to help patients breathe easier during the immediate post-operative period following nasal and sinus surgery.
  • Provides a secure, safe and practical post-operative airway to prevent asphyxiation in the operating room and recovery room and renders a safer and satisfactory post-operative recovery for the nasal/sinus surgery patient.
  • Post-operative airflow through nasal passages, packed or unpacked, delivers unmatched patient comfort and satisfaction.

The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway System is described by industry insiders as “the greatest advance in patient comfort and safety in nasal and sinus surgery since the utilization of general anesthesia”

  • Patients no longer experience blocked nasal passages, pounding pressure, ear-popping and claustrophobia during the recovery process.
  • Quickly and easily removed in the office using liquid anesthetic dribbled into the nose to make it virtually painless

The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway System comes sterile packaged with the following components:

  • The Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway (latex-free) made of medical grade silicone and Parylene coated*
  • The Reltok Ultra-Smooth Septal Splints (latex free) made of Class VI medical grade silicone and Parylene coated*
  • A standard flexible 10Fr suction catheter.
  • A 3 cc Luer Lock irrigating syringe and blue adapter tip

Note:  The septal splints, nasal airway and suction catheter are for use during surgery. The irrigating syringe and tip are for post-operative irrigation.

*Ultra-smooth, low-friction Parylene coated surface on the the Reltok Clear-Flo Nasal Airway and Septal Splints allows stents and packing to glide smoothly and quickly into place and helps retard secretions.

Why the Reltok Clear-Flo™ Nasal Airway is the New Standard of Care:

  • Applicable for all nasal and sinus surgeries, “packing” or “no packing”.
  • Large-bore airways. Deliver 12 times the air flow of other devices.
  • Easily inserted in 10 seconds or less. No suturing necessary. Nests on nasal floor.
  • Compatible with all nasal/sinus packing materials.
  • Can be used with all septal and intranasal splints.
  • FDA-cleared. Class VI medical grade silicone. Soft, non-stick, latex-free.
  • Home care is simple and uncomplicated. Irrigation syringe, adapter tip and instruction card provided.
  • Well-tolerated for up to 6 days. Painlessly removed at post-op office visit.
  • Insurers paying surgeon for insertion and fixation. Surgery center/hospital purchases device. Bills insurer for re-imbursement.
  • 98% patient satisfaction rating.

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