*DISPOSABLE* Metal Suction Tip

*DISPOSABLE* Metal Suction Tip

  • $57.00


Invotec metal suction tips are applicable for ear examinations, paracentesis and the suction of wax and other fluids. The curved angle is specially designed for microscopic examination and surgeryand the quick connector suction tip handle is easy to change during surgery.

  • Sterile, packaged in individual peel pouch
  • Available in broad variety of lumen sizes
Item No. Description Color Qty/Box
66500045 0.4mm x 80mm Lilac 20
66500072 0.7mm x 80mm Black 20
66500100 1.0mm x 70mm, 3Fr Brown 20
66500102 1.0mm x 80mm, 3Fr Brown 20
66500140 1.4mm x 70mm, 4 Fr White 20
66500142 1.4mm x 80mm, 4Fr White 20
66500200 2.0mm x 80mm, 14g, 6Fr Green 20
66500250 2.5mm x 80mm, 7.5Fr Orange 20
66500300 3.0mm x 80mm, 9Fr Blue 20
66500400 4.0mm x 80mm, 12Fr Yellow 20
66509100 1.0mm x 100mm, 3Fr Brown 20
66509140 1.4mm x 100mm, 4Fr White 20
66509200 2.0mm x 100mm, 6Fr Green 20
66509250 2.5mm x 100mm, 7Fr Orange 20
66509300 3.0mm x 100mm, 9Fr Blue 20
66516020 2.0mm x 150mm, 6Fr Green 10
66516030 3.0mm x 150mm, 9Fr Blue 10
66516040 4.0mm x 150mm, 12Fr Yellow 20

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